WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: October 30, 2018

R-Truth comes up short against Nakamura again

Shinsuke Nakamura def. R-Truth: This is one of those scenarios where WWE wants to do something but doesn’t go all the way. They have realized that the US Championship needs to be given more airtime but one-off matches aren’t going to help the cause. A long drawn feud with high stakes is needed.

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We got another delightful segment of R-Truth trying to make a mark. He got the US title shot and we hoped against everything that he would somehow end up winning. Obviously, that did not happen.

The match was pretty good but it was too short and as we mentioned earlier, does nothing for the championship or Nakamura who might already be considering going back to NJPW.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Becky Lynch was almost ruined

The whole point of the Evolution PPV was to show how far women have come and WWE ruined all of that by having Lynch come out in an “I am the MAN” T-Shirt. The promo that followed wasn’t any better.

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Why does a woman have to call herself the man to show that she is as good as the men? Shouldn’t that be naturally implied? She then called out Rousey for Survivor Series which is a fun prospect but the exact motivations for this callout was never made clear.

Can someone give the WWE a handbook on how to tell a story? In just two nights WWE managed to suck out any momentum that Evolution created.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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WWE World Cup is built up

Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy def. Randy Orton & The Miz: This pretty much says that it will be a SmackDown superstar who will be winning the world cup. Shane McMahon put down the stipulation that if a SmackDown Superstar loses in the finals then he will be off the roster.

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The faces took on the heels in this match and it was a good way to end an otherwise disappointing show. The faces won but Randy Orton got the last say as he RKO’s everyone left and right.

The RKO to a leaping Rey Mysterio was cool. It is weird that the world cup now seems to be the most exciting part of Crown Jewel after what has transpired in both title pictures.

Rating: Thumbs Up


Overall Review: This was one of those shows where there was nothing wrong with each individual match and segment taken separately but in the grand scheme of things it just created confusion. It was like a Michael Bay movie that is full of loud effects and explosions but very little substance.

WWE need to come up with a new strategy to make their shows more relatable and enjoyable as what they are doing currently is stuff a 2nd grader would come up with. Once this whole Crown Jewel fiasco is behind us, hopefully WWE can return to a more palatable and coherent product.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Down