WWE SmackDown Live Results & Review: September 25, 2018

wwe smackdown live results september 25 2018
Image via WWE.com

RAW set the bar quite high last night. Let us find out if SmackDown could up the ante.

R-Truth blows the roof away

Who knew that R-Truth and Carmella would be the cure to the Bryan-Miz feud? R-Truth in his infinite wisdom decided that he needed some reward for beating Miz two weeks ago and as Miz isn’t a champion, Truth decided to take over his show and boy was it entertaining.

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Carmella somehow looks a lot more bearable with her new hair color. The crowd literally lapped up every moment of this and while it was silly, it was funny and if the past is any indicator, wrestling is at its best when it is infused with loads of humor. Everything was genius about this segment with Truth coyly avoiding explaining the meaning of cathartic being the highlight.

The Miz defeated R-Truth: Awesome way to start the show. The match that followed was pretty good. R-Truth despite being one of the older wrestlers can still put up a nice match. Daniel Bryan speaking actively about the championship was also refreshing to see and this feud has gained a lot more traction than before.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Sheamus keeps the Bar’s streak going

Sheamus defeated Big E: The match was preceded by yet another goofy segment by the New Day which was somehow enjoyable. The New Day trying to name good things about the Bar was hilarious. The match that followed was great as it was two powerhouses that collided.

There wasn’t much technical wrestling and it was more of a brawl which was a nice change of pace. Sheamus picked up the win which means that these two teams are going to have a prolonged feud. It would have been great if a new team was involved but so far so good.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Aiden English drops a bombshell

So far we had been thinking that English did not have what it took to stand toe to toe with Rusev but tonight he proved that he could hang in there. The promo was fiery and the crowd was hot throughout. Hopefully, there is a nice payoff to all of this but for now this is awesome and we loved every second of it.

It is also, so wonderful to see Rusev as a face. We never thought this day would ever come. The backstage tensions between Lana and Rusev and the whole mystery about Milwaukee was played perfectly. Three surprisingly great segments in a row. Kudos to WWE.

Rating: Thumbs Up