WWE Smackdown Live Review & Results: February 13th, 2018

The Boys Are Back

First news, Dolph Ziggler finally resurfaced on Smackdown Live after two months or so. Crowd reaction could not be more lukewarm. We were not too excited either. Hopefully the “sweetheart deal” actually includes cool storylines for Dolph. And Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are back together now, beating up Baron Corbin and The Showoff? That was confusedly inconsistent with what we saw the past couple of weeks.

We could see Smackdown Live was trying to show that Owens and Zayn were taking out all possible threats to the title, but it did not make much sense. They were virtually at the brink of breaking up just 14 days ago. We do not have goldfish brain, WWE. We remember what happened 2 weeks ago. We certainly remembered last night’s fantastic opening segment of RAW, and it was much better than the segment offered tonight.

The Queen’s Second Trial

This week, Charlotte took on another member of the Riott Squad, Sarah Logan. To be honest, we think Sarah Logan did better than Livv did last week. Our favorite Logan move tonight was her inverted half-Gotch style German suplex after Charlotte failed to connect with a Big Boot and got her foot stuck on the top rope. Charlotte won, and the killing blow – Natural Selection – was sickeningly sold by Sarah Logan. Logan and Morgan sure need more work, but with the help of Charlotte, Naomi, and Becky Lynch, this 6-women rivalry can only get better in every aspect. Let us all hope that this feud will lead to more exciting moments.


A Little Thirst For Vengeance Went A Long Way

                Baron Corbin got a clean victory over Kevin Owens tonight (even with a left arm still in pain after the earlier assault by Owens and Zayn), and we were quite surprised. It seems like Corbin’s punishment since last Summerslam is finally over, and The Lone Wolf is being pushed again. He and Owens put up a great match tonight – not a top-notch in any way, but more solid than what is expected from a Corbin vs Owens match. Baron Corbin really needed the match at Fastlane, because his stock has fallen dramatically since he failed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract back in August. Good day for Corbin.