WWE Smackdown Live Review & Results: February 13th, 2018

An American And Two Canadians Walked Into A Ring…

…And the American started attacking one of the Indians. Classic WWE. Apparently, the writers have inserted Mahal into the Roode – Orton story to stretch the rivalry another arc, in time for WrestleMania.

It makes sense: Another member of the roster is utilized (Jinder Mahal), and there will be time for more complexities between Randy and Bobby, building up suspense for the big April showdown. By this time, one might come to realize that both Smackdown Live men’s singles championships will not be defended in a 1-on-1 match: There is the Fatal-4-Way (about to be 5-Way) for AJ Styles’ WWE Championship, and now there is the Mahal – Orton – Roode situation. Adding that to the 7-man (7!) Elimination Chamber match coming in 2 weeks, and we have quite a lot of multi-man affairs going on in WWE. But more sides involved means more possible interactions, and you know we like the unpredictable.


When The Caf Got Intense

A huge, muscular man in a bib eating pancakes. 5 adults picking up a fight over said pastry. What a sight. Gable and Benjamin under-delivered tonight promo-wise. The promo was lame, and the entire premise felt so childish. Smells like Vince spirit. Also, while we liked The New Day’s new wrestling gear, we still did not like their pancakes. Just…nope, we want Pancake Tuesdays no more. Hurts a bit to stand against pancakes, but the act does not seem to be working.

We liked the controversy ending to the tag team match that ensued, when Kofi distracted the referee from seeing the tag between Gable and Benjamin. This gave a legitimate reason for the heel team to whine next week, and reason is what Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin need urgently.

Side-note: The Usos promo would have been perfect had it not been for the words popping up like karaoke. Damn, that looked so cringe-worthy.


The Darling Was Still Loved

In the main event of tonight, Dolph Ziggler defeated Sami Zayn to be added to the Fastlane WWE Championship match. The match started off slow, but the pace picked up near the end, and the crowd gradually got really invested into the match, giving The Showoff a surprising amount of support. As Ziggler posed on the announce table after his win, we realized something: Even after all this time, after all the ridicule Dolph had to go through, he was still loved by a huge portion of the fan base. It made us realize that loyalty still exists in this chaotic world of ours, where relationships that do not make people financially better-off are immediately discarded. It is still there, and all you have to do is…BOLIEVE!

What a heart-warming way to end Smackdown Live.


Overall Review:

A fun little show, even though nowhere near as entertaining as RAW. Tonight, we saw further developments in the men’s championship pictures, some hope for the Smackdown’s fledgling women, fully adult males fighting over pancakes, and cringy graphics. We also saw hope in humanity being restored, as Dolph Ziggler was still shown plenty of love after all the smelly fish. We have a feeling next week’s version is going to be fun. But until then, we will just sit here and contemplate about this beautiful thought on life, this thought that true love shall persevere. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Love yourself.