WWE Smackdown Live Review & Results: February 27th, 2018

The Next Episode

YASSSSSSSSSS! NEW DAY VS USOS FOR THE TAG TITLES AT FASTLANE! People, do not even try to find us come Fastlane, since we will be curling in our blankets, foaming at the mouth as we watched another instant classic unfold in front of our very eyes, stealing the show.

And the face-to-face segment this week only served to up the notch even higher, as the two teams were FIRE on the mic. The Usos vented their frustrations from being left out of the WrestleMania main card for 9 years, while The New Day also got more intense than usual, doubling down on The Usos’ ire. And when the two teams were about to go into fistfight (a.k.a classic-match-making) mode, the Bludgeon Brothers made their entrance. Per. Fect. This slow-burn build towards a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania is only getting better, building up anticipation for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship showdown in April.

But for now, let us just celebrate over the next episode of Usos vs New Day to be written at Fastlane.

La da da da da, it is gonna be E-P-I-C…


I Won The Rumble, I Now Have Nothing Else To Do.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Aiden English was a fresh match. But to be honest, it was indicative of what creative had planned for Nakamura – NOTHING. He came, he won the Rumble, and then what? He was not even on Smackdown last week, and this week he defeated a lower-midcarder. By this time, he should have been made to look much more invincible, and ready for whoever that would come out of Fastlane as the champion.

It was not like they ran out of wrestlers – Rusev was right there! Smackdown could have had Nakamura beat Rusev decisively tonight and we would not have complained about Rusev losing another match. We might have been a bit sad inside, but that would have been okay, since it was RUSEV DAYYYYYYYYYY.


 Absolutely Delivered

It was everything we had anticipated, and even better. Even though the plague known as finisher-kick-outs-when-it-was-not-a-Big-4-PPV was seen in full force here, the match was so good that we forgive them for the blasphemy. This match rivalled their Royal Rumble effort, and went to show how good Cena can be on his day. And we do not think we need to talk much about Styles – he was just being him, phenomenal as always. It was also a cool scene to see all the other competitors in the 5-way (now 6-way) watch Styles vs Cena through the screens at various locations backstage – it indicated how much they cared about the possible addition of Cena to the match. What an awesome segment to end Smackdown Live. Side-note: Ziggler looked really strong in that post-match showdown, taking out Corbin, Owens, and Zayn.

From a 3-way dance to a 6-way one – the floor had gotten twice as crowded, but we could not be happier.



Overall Review:

Top-notch entertainment from the blue brand this week. The announcement of Cena vs Styles right at the beginning kept us waiting, but it paid off, as they put on yet another instant classic. Plus, Fastlane got some extra star power, so hopefully ticket sales will be good. Elsewhere, The Usos and The New Day had an awesome oral session together (giggity), and the #1 Contender for the Women’s Championship was properly positioned to face The Queen at Fastlane. The only thing we did not like in the show was Nakamura’s uninspiring booking. 5 weeks to go, and hopefully WWE can make Nakamura look like a thousand bucks.