WWE Smackdown Live Review & Results: January 16th 2018

Gable and Benjamin Made It Serious Now

During an interview with The Usos, they were jumped by Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. So…was this Gable and Benjamin’s official heel turn? That was how we thought it to be, but if not, at the very least, this sneak attack placed Gable and Benjamin on the heel side of their feud against The Usos. This was the way to go, considering how over The Usos has been with the crowd. Besides, we see more potential in a heel Gable and Benjamin than in a bland babyface unit.

The Glorious Champion

For those who had not watched Smackdown Live tonight, we apologize. We were too excited to break the news for you. We knew that the day when Bobby Roode won something in WWE would come very soon, but the sight of the United States Championship around Bobby’s waist was just so…so…GLORIOUSSS! The match was not anything too spectacular, but a hilarious note was that it was hard to follow the action, since both were wearing almost identical attire – blue undies with matching pads and sparkles and a word over the bum area. They had similar stature as well, which did not make watching the match much easier. Maybe we should have looked at the hair. Much easier. Ah, the gift of reflection.

As the show came to a joyful and… GLORIOUS close, we realized that there would be no bickering between Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan happening this week AT ALL, and we were more than delighted. You see how much better it was to watch two hours of a show without its authority arguing? They were even present at ringside during the United States Championship finals and presented The Glorious One with the championship together. This was how bosses should behave. They might have problems, but during important occasions, they still acted professional. And in the world of sports entertainment, the authority acting professional has an extra meaning to it – by doing so, they would not hog the spotlight to themselves. Instead, all the attention was directed towards where it should be – the wrestlers. And tonight, Bobby Roode was the one benefitting from the General Manager and the Commissioner’s restraint.

Overall Review:

The show was better than last week’s for sure. The marked reason for the improvement was obviously a little pleasant surprise in the name of a tournament being concluded earlier than expected. The champion was a fan favorite, so everyone went home (or change channels) happy. The Tag Team Championship feud made some progress. But there were still a lot to improve. The WWE Championship picture got increasingly ridiculous (even the champion now referred to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as one person – Kami – stupid nickname by the way), and the 3-on-3 women feud continued to wander to nowhere-land.

After the show ended, we were not hyped at all for the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match. That is not good, considering we are just one week away from the eponymous event. Compared to RAW, Smackdown Live was a bore. The blue brand should bring a quality offering to the table next week if they want people to get excited about their representatives at Royal Rumble.