WWE Smackdown Live Review & Results: January 30th, 2018

A Weird Bone to Pick

The opening segment of Smackdown Live this week was decent. It started with the hot Royal Rumble winner Shinsuke Nakamura coming out and talk about his match at WrestleMania against AJ Styles. It was all going well until Owens and Zayn interrupted to rant to Nakamura about how they were robbed off their co-WWE Championship (this still feels stupid to write). There was some reason to it, but we felt this was a bit forced.

If Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn had a bone to pick with anyone, it should have been with AJ Styles, or at least with the SD Live Commissioner or SD Live General Manager. But at least the best friends did a good job playing the bad guys here – interrupting the fan favorite, complaining about being screwed over (it was a legitimate claim this time), and walking away from a challenge from AJ Styles and Nakamura. Oh yeah, and we got AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura on a team, too *drools*.


IT IS RUSEV DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! The Bulgarian Brute finally got a victory, and this time, it was a huge one. He won the #1 Contendership for Bobby Roode’s United States Championship in a Fatal-4-Way involving Jinder Mahal, Kofi Kingston, and Zack Ryder. This was the perfect call, capitalizing on Rusev (and RUSEV DAY)’s increasing popularity. Combine that with a champion whose theme song could be heard everywhere and we are going to have a match the fans will surely tune in to enjoy next week.

And the #1 Contender Match was actually pretty good, despite the not-so-inspiring line-up. Kofi spiced up the match with some high-flying moves and sick selling to clotheslines, Zack Ryder looked surprisingly dominant for a while, and Mahal was just, well, bland old Mahal. Even though it is more likely than not that The Glorious One will retain next Tuesday, Rusev would still receive a good rub, and come out higher on the pecking order than he is now. Good for him.

Those Were Macbooks, Goddamn It.

Not sure if we should review this segment or not. To us, Breezango’s “comedy” segment had lost its humor completely. It turned into this sort of cringy attempt at being funny, but the more the guys tried, the more the segments seemed to lose touch with the fans. Did you do this, Vince?

And three MacBooks were flipped in this segment. Definitely Vince.

They Are Approaching

So Usos vs Bludgeon Brothers might actually be the feud we are going with heading into WrestleMania season. Usos came out to cut a promo about how they handily defeated Benjamin and Gable, and the latter never showed up to deny that claim. Adding that to the fact they appeared in the earlier Breezango segment, and you could see Gable and Benjamin are out of the title picture for now. The introduction of the new challengers to the Usos’ championship was done well too, beginning with the “champions leaving when new challengers make their entrance” trope, followed by a good-old beat-down of a jobber team. And we were glad for Rowan and Harper as well – they very possibly will have their first meaningful match at WrestleMania in years. That is, if you count out the time when Erick Rowan had the shortest match in WrestleMania history against The Rock himself.