WWE Smackdown Live Review & Results: March 13th 2018

The Dream Match

Hold on one second. Is this a dream? AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania? This amazing reality was confirmed tonight when AJ and Shinsuke started exchanging verbally to set the build in motion. AJ Styles did well (as usual) in the promo, but Shinsuke still spoke with barely audible English, and that will be an obstacle on his way to becoming a global superstar. AJ Styles vs Rusev was, well, meh. Just being the backdrop to the Nakamura – Styles interactions post-match.

Nakamura vs Styles at WrestleMania…what a great time to be alive.



Wow, Bludgeon Brothers vs Jimmy Uso and Big E sure ended fast. Rowan and Harper were being booked much stronger than we had anticipated, dismantling two of the best stars in the tag division within a few short minutes. Jimmy and E were still protected under the reason that they were not familiar teaming up with each other, but that did not shy away from the fact that The Bludgeon Brothers just annihilated them in 2-on-2 action, and the former Wyatt Family members are surely heading towards something big.

Side-note: Their mallets look WAY cooler than Triple H’s sledgehammer, by the way.


The Saga Began

Tonight also marked the first verbal shots to build towards the Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania. To us, the segment had successfully captured the epic feel of wrestling theatricals – two supreme wrestlers, full of pride, passion, and intensity, telling each other one was going to beat the other at the biggest event of the year for the ultimate prize. Seeing the image of Charlotte in an ornamented peacock suit and Asuka in her robe in an intense stare down took our breath away. A snapshot frozen in time. A magical tale to be chronicled. The saga officially began, tonight.