WWE SummerSlam 2018 Results & Review

WWE SummeSlam 2018 Results & Review

Kick Off: Rusev Day suffers another upset

We had been slightly miffed with this match being on the kickoff show but now it all makes sense. It wasn’t the great match we expected it to be but just a mediocre showing. It started of nicely but once the women were tagged in it was the garbage we have been getting for a few weeks on SmackDown now.

WWE was clearly attempting to get something going between the women and thus they were in the focus but it didn’t work and this match being on the kickoff show worked in the end.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Kick Off: Cedric Alexander retains

If you weren’t aware of this match then you would be forgiven as the entire cruiserweight division currently exists in its own bubble. The match was pretty decent with the fast paced action you would expect from a cruiserweight match.

In the end the right man won and it was easily the best match of the kickoff show.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The B-Team are still your Tag Champs

The B-Team pulled off yet another victory from the jaws of defeat and this is slowly beginning to get old. WWE needs to do something different with them or soon they will be relegated to their pre-push status. Also, the fact that The Revival are languishing in this manner is a travesty in itself. The match was okay considering the circumstances but it did nothing for either team.

Rating: Thumbs Down