WWE SummerSlam 2018 Results & Review

Rollins finally triumphs over Ziggler (with some help)

This match proved perfectly what you get when there is awesome story-telling behind a match. This match was filled with a sort of tension throughout that you cut with a knife. Even though on paper Rollins had someone watching his back, it was an uncomfortable sort of support as Ambrose was again presented as a man with nefarious thoughts.

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WWE only kept it to a tease as Rollins eventually won when Ambrose intervened and stopped McIntyre from helping Ziggler. For now the two stay as friends and Rollins even acknowledged in a post-match interview that he would not be the champion had it not been for Ambrose.

You get the sense that a betrayal is right around the corner and that uncertainty of when it will happen makes it an awesome time to be a wrestling fan right now.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The New Day pull off an upset

It seems that the Bludgeon Brothers are on a run as the Tag Champions similar to Lesnar as the Universal Champion as they retained yet again. The retention came via disqualification as the New Day still won the match.

This is WWE trying to protect both tag teams and it was the right thing to do. It adds a sense of uncertainty to the excellent tag division of SmackDown and that intrigue makes the future all the more interesting. The match was great and filled with nice spots and overall it was a nice experience.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Strowman destroys Owens again

This was one of the most predictable matches on the card and yet it was very enjoyable. It was one way traffic as Strowman kept hitting one power move after the other. Owens did try but in the end he was left utterly destroyed.

Where this feud goes on from here is anyone’s guess but it sure has been an enjoyable ride so far. This all shouldn’t be for nothing and Kevin Owens should get his comeuppance at some point in the future, possibly after Strowman becomes the champ.

Rating: Thumbs Up