WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results & Review

wwe survivor series 2018 results

SmackDown Takes The First Honors

The kick-off show featured the tag division’s 10-on-10 match and it was just an okay match. When you have so many wrestlers vying for such little time, it was bound to feel rushed and teams kept getting eliminated before you could get vested in them.

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As a kickoff show, there was plenty of action but not something that will be remembered for long. The Usos won which seemed random here but that would be the recurring theme of the night.

Winner: SmackDown

Sole Survivors: The Usos

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Nia Jax Is Easily The Most Hated Wrestler Right Now

The women’s Survivor series match opened the PPV. This was again one of those matches that just didn’t give the wrestlers enough time.

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Natalya and Ruby Riott had gotten into a pre-match scuffle and were not able to compete which was ludicrous, not that it would have made much of a difference.

Nia Jax being booed everytime she did anything was the highlight of this match. She has some genuine heat for injuring Becky Lynch. Over all a very lackluster show.

Winner: RAW

Sole Survivor: Nia Jax

Rating: Thumbs Down

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The Least Built-up Match Ends Up As The Best

This wasn’t a match we had high hopes from. It wasn’t built-up as well as the other matches had been and felt like an afterthought but when the moment came, it delivered.

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It was full of excitement and showed why Nakamura is being seriously underutilized. The quick paced and somewhat unorthodox style of wrestling was great to watch.

In the end after plenty of close calls, Rollins put down Nakamura for good to keep RAW’s perfect record going.

Winner: Seth Rollins for RAW

Rating: Thumbs Up