WWE TLC 2018 Results & Review


Buddy Murphy Retains His Championship (Kickoff Show):

This was a typical 205 match. Starting with multiple reversals at blinding speeds from the very get go.

There was a time when we thought that the 205 division would perish when Neville left the company. Thankfully, that has not been the case and the division has not only survived but thrived since then and a lot of the credit has to go to Buddy Murphy.

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Murphy became champion at the Super Showdown in Australia to appease the local crowd but since then has truly made the championship his own.

This was a brilliant match with plenty of back and forth and was of the high quality of most 205 matches. The only gripe we had was that this was on the kickoff show. Having said that, we have a packed card and each match on the main card is important unlike other PPVs and for once it makes sense for this match being on the pre-show.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Elias Wins But At What Cost (Kickoff Show):

It was the Elias and Bobby Lashley ladder match that came up next and this felt like a travesty for being on the kickoff show. Possibly for that reason, this match felt like it lacked energy.

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Elias wasn’t as mobile as he usually is and the normally stiff moving Lashley seemed even stiffer. Even Lio Rush seemed less chirpy than usual. Putting wrestlers on the pre-show means that they miss out on the PPV revenues and that can have a bearing on the match as it definitely did here.

We really wanted to like this match but couldn’t. The only high point was Elias winning but even that was spoilt by having his guitar smashed over his head. This does little for the feud or for the freshly turned face Elias. A rather major disappointment.

Winner: Elias

Rating: Thumbs Down