WWE TLC 2018 Results & Review

The PPV Begins With An Awesome Surprise In The MMC Finals

We are pretty sure that the Mixed Match Challenges aren’t handled by the same creative team that handles the rest of the show as they would not have gone in this direction in a million years.

The moment we learnt that Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox had advanced into the finals, we felt a sense of trepidation that Mahal and Fox were going to win as a sort of consolation for being world champions in the past.

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Instead, WWE threw a wonderful curve-ball by letting Carmella and R-Truth pick up the win the in the second edition of the mixed match challenge.

To say that this team deserved the win would be a major understatement. They have been a highlight of an otherwise forgettable run of WWE shows recently. Sometimes silliness works and this team proves that.

This is not the most influential opening to a PPV but was fun and enjoyable. The match was short but sweet. The post-match was typical R-Truth where he selected the WWE Headquarters as their vacation spot. This could be nothing or it could be managerial roles for these two in the future which in our opinion could be a blast.

Winners: R-Truth and Carmella

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Bar Star In A Forgettable Tag Match

We will admit this at the very outset. This wasn’t a bad match. Taken in isolation, this was a rather fine tag match. However, the issue is that it lacked freshness. We have seen these three teams battle it out way too many times now.

The antics of the New Day no longer feel funny, The Usos have become rather one-dimensional and The Bar haven’t and probably never will recover from their WrestleMania loss to Strowman and Nicholas.

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The fact that there were no TLC stipulations made this match even more generic. The tag division needs to change and needs a massive shakeup. The Bar retained but it wouldn’t have made any difference if someone else had won.

We expected this match to be the first downer of the PPV and in classic fashion it delivered which highlights the pathetic condition the tag division is on SmackDown right now.

Winners and still SmackDown Tag Champions: The Bar

Rating: Thumbs Down