WWE TLC 2018 Results & Review

Strowman Sort Of Returns And Gets Us Wondering “Who is the heel here?”

One of the only things that had any excitement left was the possible scenario of Braun Strowman returning for a match against Baron Corbin. Somehow, WWE managed to screw that as well.

This match had all the right ingredients. A returning hero, a wronged wrestler turned into a referee and a contemptuous heel trying to further his plans and yet it all fell flat. Strowman is too injured and still recovering which meant that his return was just for name sake.

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This was yet another of WWE’s recent trend of turning their heels into underdogs. It just doesn’t work. Everyone including Heath Slater turned on Corbin. All the faces including the newly crowned RAW tag champions and former GM Kurt Angle came to help Strowman and basically laid Corbin out for Strowman to pin with his foot.

This could make RAW fun but as far as the ppv goes goes, it sucked. So many people returned but it didn’t feel like the big deal it was supposed to be. WWE clearly wasted an opportunity to have Strowman return as the all-conquering hero after an injury.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Natalya Avenges Her Father?

The feud between Natalya and Ruby Riott was based on a shaky premise and the match wasn’t any better. It wasn’t necessarily a bad match but didn’t seem like the culmination of someone’s journey to avenge their recently deceased father.

This match would have been fine on a house show but not on the main card of a PPV. Either of the two kickoff show matches were way better than this which is saying something.

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Natalya won but it didn’t feel monumental at all. If anything, it felt like a time-filler segment which is an utter waste of talent. When all this started we thought maybe these women would finally get to do something worthwhile but we forgot that it is WWE that is in charge of the show.

If you need any signs that the entire WWE booking is in shambles then look no further.

Winner: Natalya

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Balor Wins With Some Assistance From Ziggler

If all of WWE’s problems need to be summed up in a single phrase then it would be “a lack of clear direction” and this match was a great example of that.

When this whole thing started it felt like it would be a long drawn out feud between Balor and McIntyre. Then Ziggler was inserted just last week into the angle and now it is a weird threesome.

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Balor finally won again on the big stage but it felt more like a way of enabling Ziggler rather than anything else. We are not saying that a three-way feud would be a mistake here. If that is the direction WWE want to go then stick to that. Don’t keep swaying from post to post.

The match was good but considering the overall lackluster nature of storytelling here, it does not sit well with us.

Winner: Finn Balor

Rating: Thumbs Down