WWE TLC 2018 Results & Review

Daniel Bryan And AJ Styles Steal The Show! Again!

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this match was as this good. The first great thing was there were no illegal moves used to gift Bryan the victory. This is also one of those rare pairings that is able to bring something new to the table despite having faced each other numerous times.

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The match was full of excitement and AJ Styles as usual pushed Bryan to the limit. This was also a technical masterpiece where it seemed like the guys were so in tune with their wrestling capabilities that they were inventing moves of their own right then and there.

Highlights included a couple of cravat suplexes. It is almost unbelievable now that not that long ago we had thought that Daniel Bryan was done with his wrestling career.

The reversals at the end and the final small package for the victory means that the feud stays alive. We were very pleased with this match.

Winner and still WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Ambrose And Rollins Bring The House Down

Finally we had an intense match befitting. The problem with most of WWE programming is that they lack a sense of genuineness and that hinders the match from being able to connect with the viewers.

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There was none of that nonsense. There was hostility of the highest order between Ambrose and Rollins. There was a moment where it felt like there would be a mock truce between the two. This was a painful looking match that perfectly caps off what has been a slow building feud.

Ambrose finally won the IC Championship again and this feels even more momentous than the last time. This feud could run all the way to WrestleMania which is awesome news for the fans.

Intensity and fierceness was the calling card of this match and while most of the show might not have lived up to expectations, this one exceeded it in every way.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

Rating: Thumbs Up