WWE TLC 2018 Results & Review

What A Wonderful Main Event

To be frank, this was the only match we were really excited about. You had arguably three of the best women’s wrestlers of all time and they delivered on the grand stage.

This was a momentous match as they proved without a shadow of a doubt that women can do pretty much everything that men can do including put on brutal TLC matches. That wasn’t it though. This had one of the biggest surprise endings.

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When Asuka was added to this match, we felt that it was a way for her to protect the other two women and we didn’t expect her to become the women’s champion in our wildest dreams.

All the abuse that Rousey suffered at the hands of Charlotte and Lynch came back to bite the two. She interfered and cost them the match and Lynch the championship.

While we weren’t ready for Lynch’s reign to end yet, this could set up great things for the women’s division. This may be how Rousey comes to SmackDown. Whether Asuka is going to be champ for long or a transitionary one will only be answered by time but for now everything is poised nicely. A great end to an otherwise forgettable show.

Winner and New SmackDown Women’s Champion: Asuka

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Overall Review: This was a disappointing PPV to an extent. For one, it did not feel like a TLC PPV at all. Apart from the main event, there was none of carnage or mayhem associated with TLC. The match qualities weren’t great either.

Apart from the last three matches and the Orton/Mysterio match to some extent, the rest of the PPV was so bad that we feel WWE should pay us for enduring the torture.

SmackDown still seems better off but RAW is in total shambles. Strowman is going to challenge Lesnar for the championship though. We just hope that this happens during our lifetimes. An utterly disappointing show even by WWE’s low standards of late.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Down