Rumor Roundup August 10: Roman Reigns SummerSlam Match, Usos Off The Card, Chris Jericho’s Mystery Partners

roman buddy murphy
Image via WWE

The Usos off the card due to Jimmy’s arrest last month

The RAW Tag-Team Titles couldn’t find a place on the SummerSlam and according to PWInsider, it is due to Jimmy Uso not being allowed in Canada after his arrest in Florida last month. Jimmy and Jey have both been arrested on separate occasions several times. The Usos were set for a signing event this weekend, but that has been canceled.

The Usos have appeared as Ricochet’s backup and could have shown up to support the high-flyer in his match against AJ Styles, who will have RAW Tag Team Champions Gallows-Anderson in his corner.

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AEW Revolution or Wednesday Night Dynamite?

All Elite Wrestling recently filed a trademark for AEW Revolution, which could potentially be the name of their weekly show, which starts in two months’ time on TNT. According to PWInsider, AEW has filed the trademark for a variety of purposes, including merchandise and an ongoing TV series.

Previously, AEW had filed for a trademark for ‘Wednesday Night Dynamite’, but the plans have apparently changed.

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WWE reshuffles the SummerSlam card

According to rumors, four more matches were set to be added to the SummerSlam card this week. However, the rumored Fatal-4-Way took place on RAW, Daniel Bryan-Roman Reigns was scrapped and Sami Zayn-Aliester Black took place on SDL.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Women’s Tag-Team Championship match taking place on RAW was a Paul Heyman idea, as he wanted to ensure the titles get proper screen time and not get lost in the shuffle at SummerSlam. WON also reports that several changes could take place to SummerSlam even on the day of the PPV itself.

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Buddy Murphy-Roman Reigns set to be added to SummerSlam?

The planned Roman Reigns-Daniel Bryan was taken off the card due to WWE not having enough time to build the feud. Reigns searched for his attacker on SmackDown this week, and destroyed Buddy Murphy in order to get some info about his attacker.

According to WrestleVotes, Buddy Murphy could end up battling Reigns in a singles match at SummerSlam. Murphy revealed Rowan to be the Reigns’ attacker, and that story will continue in its own time. Murphy tweeted that he has no problems settling the matter with Reigns in the ring, which could lead to a singles match at SummerSlam.

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PAC and LAX rumored to be Jericho’s mystery partners.

WON reported that PAC is heavily rumored to be one of Jericho’s mystery partners for AEW’s opening night on TNT. Jericho along with two mystery partners is set to take on Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Although PAC suffered a leg injury this week on a TNT’s show, he is expected to be fit in time for the opening episode.

There are also rumors about LAX being Chris Jericho’s mystery partners, however, they are expected to sign a deal with WWE once their contract expires with AAA. LAX are still advertised for a match at an AAA event next month, which could be an indication of them not joining WWE.

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Next Saudi show to take place on Halloween, Kane to return to the ring

WWE will return to Saudi Arabia on October 31 for the next Crown Jewel event, according to PWInsider. WWE has a deal with Saudi Arabia for a 10-year period and has already conducted three events in the country.

Kane was initially advertised for two WWE live events later this month, which could be a setup for Kane to get rid of the ring rust before the Saudi event, but according to the spokesperson of the Knox County Mayor, Kane is not planning on returning to the ring.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.