WWE Rumor Roundup Dec 2, 2018: Kevin Owens WWE Contract, Ronda Rousey On SmackDown Live, NXT Call-Ups & More

Image via wrestletalk.com

Dolph Ziggler’s injury not too bad

Dolph Ziggler suffered a foot injury on last week’s RAW but it isn’t severe enough for him to require any time off- He is expected to return on RAW this week and while WWE might protect him by keeping him in a non-wrestling capability, there is nothing to fear about his purported injury reports.


Separate production crews for RAW and SmackDown in 2019

Further cementing the fact that the brand split will continue for the foreseeable future, RAW and SmackDown will get separate production crews for 2019. This is in an effort to give both shows a distinct look and feel while also allowing for some expansion.

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Starrcade a huge success, WWE wants to do more house-show specials

Starrcade was a huge success and WWE is taking it as a sign to do more special house-shows. They also see it as a way of bolstering their network membership numbers. Eventually the plan is to have at least one such show every two months.


Kevin Owens to stay with WWE

Reports suggest that Kevin Owens is very happy with WWE and as a sign of that, he has signed a contract lasting till 2023. While it’s been a while since he has been in active wrestling, WWE does have big plans for him when he returns including an angle with Daniel Bryan that could involve the WWE title.

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Asuka not in the long-term title picture

Many saw Asuka being added to the women’s title match as a sign of a push but WWE only did it to protect Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Both these women are very hot right now and WWE does not want to kill off their momentum by having one lose or the other win by nefarious means. Asuka is meant to take the fall to keep the feud alive.

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Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan a part of major main roster plans

WWE is very impressed by Aleister Black’s recent run in NXT and will be rewarding him with a major contract soon on the main roster. Things look even more exciting for Lars Sullivan with WWE wanting to re-enact the debut of Bam Bam Bigelow with both RAW and SmackDown bidding for the services of the brute.

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Ronda Rousey could end up on SmackDown

Fox has reportedly been putting a lot of pressure on WWE to get Ronda Rousey on SmackDown. This could be a problem as she is the title holder on RAW and SmackDown has a very set champion in Becky Lynch and all the women’s feuds seem to be going good. WWE is reluctant to broker this change anytime soon but Fox is expected to eventually force WWE’s hands.