Rumor Roundup July 20: Shane McMahon’s Backstage Heat, Liv Morgan Character Change, SmackDown Live Launch Show


Liv Morgan Set To Undergo A Drastic Character change?

This past week on SmackDown Live, Liv Morgan lost her match to Charlotte Flair after the two women clashed over who was faker. Morgan then took the mic and claimed that Charlotte was right and when she returned she would be real.

A report from The Wrestling Observer now suggests that Morgan will make her return in the coming weeks with a drastically changed character and look and then work as an underdog on the SmackDown Live Women’s roster so that she can work her way up to challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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SmackDown Live To Have One Hour Launch Show?

SmackDown Live moves over to FOX on October 4th and the company has definitely been gearing up for the switch over the past few months. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, WWE is planning a one-hour launch show on the Network to prepare themselves for the switch over.

This is a huge move for WWE and will entail a lot of changes, including SmackDown going live on a Friday night for the first time in its history, so a launch party could be a fantastic idea.

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Bret Hart Declines Invitation To Be Part Of RAW Reunion

Bret Hart is a WWE legend and two-time Hall of Famer, but he’s also a superstar that has a dicey history with WWE. His most recent TV appearance saw him attacked by a mystery fan at The Hall of Fame induction ceremony back in April before he then appeared as part of AEW’s Double or Nothing event in order to unveil their Championship.

Hart declined an invitation to be part of Raw 25 last year and according to reports by The Wrestling Observer today, Hart has once again declined to be part of The Raw Reunion show in Tampa, Bay on Monday. This means that Bully Ray, Jim Ross, and Bret Hart are the only current WWE Hall of Famers who are not expected to take part.

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Finn Balor Could Change His Finisher Upon WWE Return

Finn Balor recently lost his Intercontinental Championship back at Extreme Rules, before he was attacked by the returning Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw. Reports this week have suggested that Balor has requested some time away from the company heading into SummerSlam and Slice Wrestling is now reporting that this is due to a leg injury.

The report also goes on to claim that the injury stems from his use of “The Coup De Grace” as a finisher and this could be changed when he makes his return.

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Possible Reason Why The Women’s Match On Raw Was Booked To Be So Long

This past week on Raw, Naomi, Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Carmella collided in a fatal four-way elimination match to crown a new number one contender for Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship. The match ran for around 20 minutes which left the crowd in attendance at the Nassau Coliseum chanting “This is awful!” and “We want Sasha!” throughout.

While Alexa Bliss addressed this level of disrespect on Social Media, Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer discussed that the reason for the interesting booking could have been because Raw was held in the same place as last year’s Evolution.

“I guess the idea was that they were in the same city that the women’s PPV [Evolution] emanated from. This was just what I was told. And [WWE] figured that in this city, they could do a long women’s match and it would get over,” he said via Sportskeeda.

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Shane McMahon Has Real-Life Heat Backstage

Shane McMahon has been featured heavily on Raw and SmackDown over the past few weeks as his feud with Roman Reigns intensified, but it was hoped that when it reached its climax, McMahon would return to his authority role. This obviously hasn’t happened since he’s stepped back into a feud with Kevin Owens, but this feud is reportedly based on real-life heat.

According to Slice Wrestling, last week’s Town Hall meeting stemmed from the animosity towards McMahon backstage since there is reported to be a lot of resentment towards “The Best In The World” because of his position on the card and the fact that he can handpick his own opponents.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.