Rumor Roundup Jun 8: Undertaker’s Final Match?, Backstage Heat After Super ShowDown, Last-Minute Changes In Saudi Arabia

Image via WWE

Has The Undertaker Wrestled His Final WWE Match?

The Undertaker took on Goldberg as part of last night’s Super ShowDown event and a match that was supposed to be nostalgic for the older generations all went wrong after Goldberg knocked himself out on the ring post and then went on to botch so many moves in the match that he almost injured The Deadman.

Following the show, Undertaker went onto Instagram and liked a comment that was sent by a fan who claimed that WWE needed to stop bringing The Deadman back now before he ends up getting seriously hurt. This has led to speculation that The Undertaker could have wrestled his final match for WWE at 54 years old.

Undertaker And Goldberg Get Into A Verbal Argument Backstage Following Super ShowDown

Undertaker’s face as he got the pinfall last night told the whole story of how angry he was that this “first time ever” match had gone so badly. It comes as no surprise that according to Brad Shepard and Slice Wrestling, Undertaker and Goldberg went backstage and got into a heated argument following the match.

Goldberg later apologized on his Twitter account for letting fans down and it’s believed that the former Universal Champion suffered a concussion mid-match but still wanted to continue, it could be argued that the match should have been stopped the minute he went into the ring post.

Saudi Arabian Government Rejects Women’s Wrestling Match At The Last Minute

Natalya and Alexa Bliss made the trip over to Saudi Arabia because WWE believed that the Saudi Arabian Government would allow them to become the first women to wrestle in their country. The decision came down to the final hours ahead of the show and according to Wrestling Inc Triple H sent an official request to The General Sports Authority (GSA) of the Saudi government in the hopes that the decision would be changed but the fact that there was no women’s match means that the request was unsuccessful.

WWE will continue to push for female involvement in the show, in the hopes that when they return in November the women will be part of it.

Brock Lesnar’s Money In The Bank Cash In Was Changed

Brock Lesnar failed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract as part of last night’s Super ShowDown event after Paul Heyman tripped through the ropes and distracted his client.

According to WrestleVotes, the original plan was for Lesnar to cash in unsuccessfully and lose via disqualification, something that was leaked more than an hour before the show started which means that it’s likely that these plans changed before Super ShowDown went on the air.

Jeff Hardy’s Injury To Be Evaluated Next Week

Jeff Hardy has been sidelined with a knee injury ever since the weeks following WrestleMania, but while his brother Matt returned to the ring last night at Super ShowDown, Jeff Hardy is still recovering from knee surgery.

According to a report from PWInsider, WWE will evaluate the former World Champion later in the week to see how his progress is going which will be when a potential return date will be released. In the meantime, it appears that his brother could continue to appear alone.

WWE Allows Loop Holes In Their Wellness Policy

WWE’s Wellness Policy was created following Eddie Guerrero‘s untimely death to ensure that any health issues were picked up ahead of time and to ensure that none of their stars were using an unfair advantage. While it’s already been revealed that part-time stars like Brock Lesnar don’t have to adhere to the policy, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer recently revealed that there is actually more than one loophole in the talent’s Wellness Policy.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.