Rumor Roundup Jan 4: Liv Morgan’s Push, Kairi Sane’ Return Plans, Rusev and Revival Contract Updates

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Paul Heyman Booked Recent House Show Angle

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This past week, news surfaced that Randy Orton had injured his knee at a house show ahead of Monday Night RAW. The injury was said to be quite severe and that Orton would then address his future later as part of the show.

This angle then led to Orton teasing retirement before revealing that he wasn’t actually injured. It was reportedly an angle that was booked by Executive Director Paul Heyman since audience numbers are dropping at live events and it was hoped that adding real feel angles to the shows would help to see that improve.

The Miz Expected To Head Back To RAW

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The Miz has recently been going through some changes on SmackDown following his issues with The Fiend and it appears that this could now lead to The Miz moving back over to RAW. A report by Tom Colohue, the fact that Miz and Mrs is on the USA Network means that there is a preference for The Miz to move over to RAW since the show is currently on the same Network.

Colohue notes that there is nothing set in stone just yet, but The Miz is a name that he has heard floating around.

Kairi Sane Return Plans

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Kairi Sane was injured last month as part of her TLC Women’s Tag Team Championship match that also included Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Asuka. While Kairi was seen at ringside the following night on RAW, the Champion hasn’t been seen since.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue reports that WWE is hoping that Kairi Sane will make her return to the ring as part of the Women’s Royal Rumble in just three weeks’ time.

Liv Morgan Was Not Originally Supposed To Be Part Of Angle With Lana

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This past week on RAW, Liv Morgan interrupted the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley to shock the WWE Universe by revealing that she had been in a relationship with Lana before she left Rusev for Bobby Lashley.

It was a shock factor angle that got WWE the views that Vince McMahon had hoped for, but according to a report by WrestlingNewsCo, Morgan was not originally supposed to be part of the angle, Paul Heyman brought her back to RAW to be part of a top angle because the Executive Director of RAW wanted to push the star.

Rusev Contract Update

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It was revealed a few weeks ago that Lana had already signed a new contract with WWE, but it was interesting to note that her husband Rusev was yet to sign on the dotted line. According to a report from Tom Colohue, the belief is that The Bulgarian Brute will sign a new contract in the coming days.

The signing of Rusev is a top priority now. The company and the management are increasingly confident that Rusev will sign a new contract. It’s one of the reasons they are pushing so hard with the current storyline and once we know something, we will be able to report it. But it’s really up to Rusev at this point what he wants to do, obviously, the contract, to my knowledge, has not been signed, so it’s up to him.”

The Revival Are Expected To Re-Sign With WWE

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The Revival have been very outspoken about their WWE career on Social Media and WWE TV in recent weeks even calling WWE out on their “Miracle On 34th Street Fight” last week that saw the two men assaulted with lego and Christmas trees.

That being said, Tom Colohue reports that WWE is not worried that AEW will sign The Revival and are confident that the former Tag Team Champions will re-sign in the future.

“The Revival, once again, increasingly confident of signing. There were discussions before the tag titles were taken away to whether or not that was a good move. Given that they are particularly confident with the company right now, in fact, the impression that I am getting is that the management is very confident that the Revival will sign a new contract. They are not particularly afraid of AEW attracting them away.”

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.