WWE Rumor Roundup Nov 13, 2018: Survivor Series, Becky Lynch, WrestleMania Main Event & More

Daniel Bryan’s title shot a one-off thing

Bryan’s title shot during Crown Jewel which he ultimately relinquished was a one-off thing to appease the demands of the organizers in Saudi Arabia.

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Bryan was never in the title picture for long and his non-participation at Crown Jewel has nothing to do with this. His recent contract signing was the point where WWE decided against making Bryan the champ as he was not willing to work the house shows.

This is ironic though as WWE is perfectly fine with a champ on RAW who does not even show up for PPVs.

Jinder Mahal working injured

Jinder’s shoulder injury is back and he has been working through the injury for some time now.

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Reports suggest that WWE has asked him to take a break but he is unwilling go off the air out of fear that whatever little momentum he has will be gone and if he takes a break then he will return to the state he was in before his title win.

Saudi fans unhappy over John Cena

Saudi fans and the organizers there are reportedly furious over Cena for refusing to work in Saudi Arabia.

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He was one of the biggest draws of the show and they were unhappy that Cena pulled out so close to the event.

This also means that Cena might not be welcome when WWE goes to Saudi again as the fans there have taken this personally as a sign of disrespect to them and their culture. Cena was considered the biggest WWE star there but that status is possibly gone forever now.