WWE Rumor Roundup Nov 4, 2018: Shane McMahon Heel Turn, Women’s Tag Titles, WrestleMania 35 & More

shane mcmahon
Image via WWE.com

*Note: These are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors. Let’s take a look at the WWE rumor roundup of the week*

No heat on Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose was indeed backstage at Crown Jewel but it wasn’t any backstage beef that kept him off the show.

It is rumored that he was scheduled to make an appearance during Rollins’ match but that was scrapped when Cena’s absence necessitated a lot of last minute changes and WWE didn’t want to complicate things more. The reason he still ended up being backstage was just to accompany his wife Renee Young.

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Big plans for Shane McMahon

It is being reported that Shane McMahon was always going to win the WWE World Cup. Just that the order of the matches were shuffled a bit.

This will set in motion the storyline for SmackDown vs RAW at Survivor series. RAW superstars will be miffed that Shane inserted himself into the finals despite not being in the qualifying rounds. This is also the start of a long drawn heel turn for Shane.


Women’s tag titles to be unveiled very soon

WWE is very keen in starting a tag division for the women and have reportedly already set in motion the plans to promote it.

The first step involves the superstars talking it up on social media and WWE has already instructed them on how to do so. These reports have been somewhat confirmed by some of the promotional materials that are still under development for upcoming events.

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Trish and Lita will compete at WrestleMania 35

We haven’t seen the last of Trish and Lita as WWE want to use them to bolster the women’s division in its current state of expansion. There are talks of them competing for the tag titles at the grand stage.

WWE wants to make the women’s tag division as impactful as possible and they feel this is the best way to do so as Lita and Trish during their prime would get some of the most deafening pops and WWE wants to play off the nostalgia of it all.

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Daniel Bryan always had issues with going to Saudi Arabia

While it is popularly believed that Bryan chose not to go to Saudi due to the murder of an American journalist it was only the tip of the iceberg.

He had deep seated issues regarding the way in which the LGBTQ community was treated there and he also did not like the fact that Sami Zayn wasn’t allowed to go there.

Bryan had been requesting WWE to keep him off the card and he was willing to lose to The Miz in the number 1 contenders match but WWE kept trying to convince him until Bryan took a stand.