WWE Rumor Roundup Oct 28, 2018: Wyatt Family Reunion, John Cena Written Off, Cody Rhodes & More

the wyatt family
Image via WWE.com

*Note: These are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors. Let’s take a look at the WWE rumor roundup of the week*

Cody Rhodes to stay with ROH till 2019

Rhodes’ current contract is supposed to run out this month. Many expected this to pave way for him to return to WWE but Cody has other plans.

Rumor is that he will be extending his contract by one year and it will be only towards the end of 2019 that he will take a call regarding his future with the WWE.

This is probably because of the current impact he has on the indys and the possibility of ending up as just another midcarder in WWE if he were to make the switch.

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Michael Cole to lead the commentary at Evolution to take the pressure away

Michael Cole will be leading the commentary at Evolution with Renee Young and Beth Phoenix assisting.

Many felt that this was done as WWE did not have faith in the two women but actually it is because WWE does not want to put the two women on the spot at such a big event and wants to gradually ease them into the role.

Cole being a veteran can show the way with the women taking over completely in future shows similar to Evolution.

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Bobby Lashley has a separated shoulder

There were some whispers going on that Lashley was injured in one of the recent shows and now it is being reported that it is a separated shoulder.

While nothing seems to be torn, WWE is taking caution here. They will be looking to keep him on TV in a non-wrestling capacity until he is completely healed up which should take between four to six weeks.

This will also give WWE to figure out a feud for him once he is capable of wrestling again.