WWE Rumor Roundup Sep 3, 2018: AJ Lee Return, Braun Strowman Heel Turn, Heyman’s Next Client & More

aj lee wwe rumor roundup

*Note: Rumors are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors.*

AJ Lee return highly unlikely

Even though the rumor mill was busy with suggestions that WWE were actively pursuing AJ Lee for a return at Evolution, reports now suggest that AJ Lee has shown zero interest for over two weeks now and WWE are moving on.

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This pretty much puts the nails in the coffin of what could have been the biggest return of this decade. Seems like CM Punk wants to keep as much distance as possible from WWE and AJ Lee does not want to jeopardize her relationship with Punk for the sake of what could have been a very lucrative opportunity.

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Reigns to stay champion for a long time

In the past, WWE had plans to push Reigns as the champion for a long time but there was always someone like Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar who seemed like the better option for the company.

For the first time, Roman Reigns is literally the biggest dog in WWE and they have no plans of having him lose anytime soon. Plans are for him to enter Wrestlemania as the champion even though that could change.

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However, he will stay as champion for at least the next few months. WWE are hoping that his regular appearances with the Shied will bolster his image and that the WWE universe will finally accept him like WWE has been wanting for some time now.