WWE Rumor Roundup Sep 30, 2018: “Roman Sucks” Signs, Heat On Brie Bella, Hulk Hogan & More

roman sucks sign
Image via cultofwhatever.com

*Note: These are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors. Let’s take a look at the WWE rumor roundup of the week*

The Undertaker to compete at Survivor Series

This is almost a certainty because the Undertaker is scheduled for a signing on 17th November in LA which is where Survivor Series is scheduled to take place the next day at the Staples Center.

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Shawn Michaels is currently expected to be the opponent for the Phenom and it will be a continuation of whatever happens at the Super Showdown.

While many thought that this match would take place at Wrestlemania, the two want to work a longer program than suddenly deciding to have a match at the marquee event. Whatever happens at Survivor Series will lead to a big payoff match at Wrestlemania 35.

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NXT TakeOver to be massive

While TakeOver events have been great, the one before Wrestlemania 35 is expected to be the biggest yet. This is to counter the threat of the ROH/NJPW event taking place on the same day at Madison Square Garden.

While WWE haven’t sweat themselves much over Indy events in the past, the recent success of these Indy events has sort of forced WWE’s hand. While the exact details of the NXT show are still to be ironed out, WWE want to make it as massive as possible.

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Big Show’s wrestling days could be over

It is being reported that the Big Show has taken up a full-time ambassadorial role backstage at the WWE. He has been absent from live appearances for a long time and will only be making backstage appearances at charity events and special programs.

While he is healthy, he isn’t in ring shape and will probably never be. He won’t be wrestling or at least it seems like that for now. There is a chance he might wrestle someday in a big money match similar to the likes of the Undertaker and the Rock.