Rumor Roundup November 9: Survivor Series Plans, Kenny Omega Banned In Japan, Alexa Bliss Wanted In AEW

Image via WWE

Survivor Series Triple Threat Matches

Survivor Series is a little over two weeks away and it appears that NXT will be a main part of the show for the first time. There have already been three matches announced that will incorporate the brand into the show, including the women’s triple threat match where Shayna Baszler will take on Bayley and Becky Lynch and the Tag Team triple threat which pits The Undisputed Era up against The New Day and The Viking Raiders.

Last night it was revealed that the women will collide in a traditional five vs five vs five-match from each brand, but multiple reports now suggest that there could be another two matches added to the card that pit all three brands against each other.

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Brock Lesnar’s Raw Move Was Out Of Convenience?

Image via WWE

Brock Lesnar appeared on last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown where he was able to reveal that he was quitting the Blue Brand in order to move over to Raw and continue his feud with Rey Mysterio. Many fans speculated that this was because Raw was without a main Champion following Crown Jewel but Corey Graves revealed on the most recent episode of After The Bell that is could have been a convenience for Raw’s Executive Producer Paul Heyman.

Selfishly, I hate [that Lesnar moved to Raw] because I am a massive Brock Lesnar fan. Love calling his matches, love watching what he does, but he has made the choice to stick to the red brand on Monday nights probably to save his advocate some travel. That would be my guess because Brock is a benevolent human being if nothing else,” he said via Wrestletalk.

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Sami Zayn Reportedly Cleared To Return To The Ring

Sami Zayn has been managing Shinsuke Nakamura over the past few months since the former NXT Champion was reportedly struggling with a shoulder injury, but according to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Zayn is now cleared to return but this is the storyline WWE has him locked into.

“Zayn was having trouble with his shoulders in recent months which is why he’s been wrestling less and has been managing Nakamura. But we’re told he’s okay now and can wrestle but this is the role they have him in,” he said via Sportskeeda.

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Kenny Omega Banned From Entering Japan?

Kenny Omega left NJPW a few months ago to join All Elite Wrestling and it appears that recently the former Champion had an issue entering The Land of the Rising Sun. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Omega was recently stopped from entering the country and there is reportedly now an attempt to get him banned altogether.

The relationship between NJPW and AEW has been rocky in recent months and it appears that following his departure from the company earlier this year, there has been an attempt to ban Omega from entering for ten years. Luckily he was able to enter the country and continue with his scheduled appearances.

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Brandi Rhodes Wants Alexa Bliss In AEW

Alexa Bliss has been struggling with injury over the past few weeks, which is why The Goddess hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since Hell in a Cell, but despite her lack of in-ring action in recent months, Bliss still has some admirers in high places.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes recently appeared on Starrcast VI in Baltimore where Rhodes reportedly revealed that she would love to have the former 5-time Women’s Champion as part of the Women’s Division in AEW.

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Karl Anderson Called Out By Triple H

Image via WWE

The talent meeting following Crown Jewel has made a lot of headlines over the past week since Seth Rollins stated that he didn’t speak up despite rumors stating otherwise. This meeting instead saw the likes of Rusev and AJ Styles speak up and according to The Wrestling observer, Triple H was not happy about a Tweet that Anderson posted following the “Mechanical Issues” in the Middle East.

The following Tweet was the issue and it appears that The Game had a lot to say about Anderson and why he would Tweet such a thing.