WWE Rumor Roundup: Apollo Crews to Drop US Title, Sonya Deville for Batwoman, NXT Callups

1. Dominik Dijakovic Expected to be Called Up

As seen last night on SmackDown, Matt Riddle has now seemingly been promoted to the main roster and will reside on the blue brand. The former NXT Tag Team Champion was introduced to the roster by Kurt Angle and he’s expected to be the first in a long line of call-ups.

According to a report by WrestleTalk, Dominik Dijakovic could be a name that’s next on the list.

2. Apollo Crews to Drop The United States Championship Ahead of SummerSlam

Apollo Crews won the United States Championship last week on Raw, in what was considered a huge shock since reports suggested that the company had given up on pushing the former NXT star.

Despite the win, Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue is now reporting that the star could drop the title ahead of SummerSlam in August.

“He’s fairly new to RAW, he’s never been given a substantial push on RAW of any kind and additionally, the concern that they always had with Apollo Crews is that he couldn’t connect with the crowd. He’s getting a push when there are no crowds, so it’s hard to say or not whether it has been that successful.”

“I think they are giving him a chance to prove himself, he’s done very well in a short spell of time, but as we start approaching SummerSlam, the WWE tends to focus on more established names. He may lose the title before then.”

3. Rey Mysterio Not Expected to Retire?

Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony is scheduled for Monday Night on Raw and will be overseen by The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins, after the former World Champion caused Mysterio an eye injury a few weeks ago.

Tom Colohue reported on the latest edition of Dropkick Discussions that this could be a swerve since Mysterio is far from done with WWE.

“Full-on swerve. Just a full-on swerve. Mysterio is not done yet! His contract has always been a brief one but there are always moments in it that have allowed him to retire ahead of time if he chooses to because Rey does consider this his last run.”

4. Samoa Joe is Still Yet to be Cleared

Samoa Joe suffered a concussion while filming a WWE commercial for Monday Night Raw earlier this year and has been struggling to be cleared for competition ever since.

Joe has returned to WWE TV in place of Jerry Lawler on commentary since The Wrestling Observer reports that the former United States Champion is yet to be cleared for action.

“Regarding Samoa Joe, he is still not cleared to return, however, he is also now considered the permanent replacement for Lawler as an announcer. What that means if/when he is cleared is that he may have the role where he announces and they can shoot angles for him to wrestle using that (since those kind of angles usually do well).”

“Things could also change if later there are depth issues and they feel the need to have him as a full-time wrestler. Or he could mix the two.”

5. Kurt Angle Hasn’t Signed a New WWE Contract

Kurt Angle was released alongside a number of WWE talents last month but has since made numerous appearances on WWE TV. According to The Wrestling Observer, Angle hasn’t signed a new WWE deal, he will be paid until mid-July when his 90-day clause comes to an end.

While this clause is still intact, WWE is looking to utilize Angle on WWE TV, much like Drake Maverick on NXT.

6. Sonya Deville’s Representatives Working Hard to Get Her Role On CW’s Batwoman?

It was announced last week that Ruby Rose had stepped down from her role as Batwoman on the DC show of the same name after just one season.

The show is set to continue but will cast a new main character and while many fans believed that Sonya Deville was joking when she talked about looking at the role, The Wrestling Observer has noted that Deville’s representatives are working hard to make her part of the conversation.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.