WWE Rumor Roundup Aug 19, 2018: The Rock Returns, Daniel Bryan Contract, Four Horsewomen & More

the rock
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Note: Rumors are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors.

The Rock to return

This is being reported by multiple sources now. WWE has been working for a long time now on having The Rock return for a one-off surprise return. It is rumored to happen at Summerslam. Elias will be the man The Rock will return against. It won’t be a match but more like a rock concert face-off type of a program.

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Dean Ambrose turns heel finally

Dean Ambrose is easily the hottest thing in wrestling right now. WWE wants to cash in on that and the best way to that is by having him turn heel as soon as possible. This will also give Rollins something to do as his current feud with Ziggler is past its prime.

At the same time, a Hell In A Cell match has been scheduled with Rollins & Ambrose teaming up against Ziggler & McIntyre. This could mean that Ambrose might not be turning heel anytime soon.

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Heyman will not turn and Lesnar will retain

The popular notion is that Heyman will turn on Lesnar and cost him the title. WWE does not want to do that apparently and wants to pull off a swerve. The title might still change hands with Strowman cashing in but WWE is yet undecided on how to end this match.

Either Charlotte or Becky Lynch will turn heel

WWE is set on having these two feud before Evolution and while the logical way would be to have Charlotte turn heel, WWE is reportedly considering Lynch to turn heel to give her character an edge.

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Multiple title changes expected at Summerslam

WWE want Summerslam to indeed feel like the biggest event of the summer and apparently the way they are going to do that is by having multiple titles change hands. The WWE championship and the SmackDown women’s championship are most likey going to change hands with the tag titles also being a possibility.