WWE Rumor Roundup Aug 27, 2018: Kurt Angle’s In-Ring Return, Nikki Bella – Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar & More

kurt angle
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Note: Rumors are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors.

Kurt Angle will return to full time wrestling

This is the biggest rumor circulating the wrestling world. While initially everyone felt that Angle was taking a hiatus from his GM role for a one-off match like the one he had as a part of The Shield, now rumors are swirling in hot and thick that he will actually embark on a full time wrestling role.

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Angle wants to have one last run as an in-ring performer in the WWE. The management wasn’t very keen on doing this but it is now understood that his match in The Shield gear was them testing out his wrestling capabilities. Who he will fight against is still a mystery with everyone from Baron Corbin to Brock Lesnar being rumored as his possible opponents.

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New Day’s new feud will be announced

This is one of those circumstances that WWE did not plan for or intended to. Eric Rowan being injured means that the WWE had to abandon a lot of their planned storylines. The plan now is to give the New Day an extended run as the tag champions and come up with something that would keep the tag division afloat.

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The original plans for the Bludgeon Brothers would still be carried out once Eric Rowan recuperates from his injuries. Till then Luke Harper might get a run as a single’s star. Nothing is set in stone, however, as it is understood that the creative team is scrambling for ideas and things could change as they are taking a week by week approach for now.

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Nikki Bella will turn on Ronda Rousey

This will go down on RAW when Rousey will be out celebrating her victory. WWE wants to begin building up this match-up nicely before Evolution. WWE still feel that Rousey’s best option moving forward is to feud with someone who has plenty of experience.

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The upper management of WWE are very high on Nikki Bella and feel that allowing Rousey to feud with her would be a great way to grow her character. It is being reported though that Nikki Bella wasn’t always the first choice and Natalya had been high on the list of possible opponents until the death of her father Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart.