WWE Rumor Roundup: Becky Lynch Feud, Sami Zayn Update, Original Money In The Bank Plans

1. WWE Stars Unhappy That Sami Zayn Was Stripped Of The Intercontinental Championship

Sami Zayn hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for a number of weeks after he revealed on Twitter that he had undergone a procedure to remove his wisdom teeth. Reports suggested that Zayn had then made the decision not to return to work since the company had offered all employees the option to remain at home during the current pandemic.

Roman Reigns is the only WWE star currently exercising this right, but since Zayn didn’t return to WWE TV this week he was stripped of the Championship and a tournament to find a new Champion began last night.

According to The Wrestling Observer, many stars backstage are unhappy with the way Zayn has been treated, while many others are working when they would rather not just to avoid any kind of punishment.

2. Shayna Baszler Originally Set To Win Money In The Bank Ladder Match?

Asuka was the shock winner of the Women’s Money in the Bank contract ladder match this past weekend before the reason behind this decision was revealed the following night on Raw. Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement meant that the company was forced to change a lot of plans last-minute.

The original plan according to The Wrestling Observer was for Baszler to win the Money in the Bank contract and then go on to challenge Becky Lynch to the Women’s Championship heading into SummerSlam. Of course, Baszler’s push has now been put on the back burner and it’s unknown where she goes from here.

3. Becky Lynch Was Supposed To Work Money In The Bank

Last year at Money in the Bank Becky Lynch pulled double duty to defend both the SmackDown and the Raw Women’s Championships, but this year she wasn’t written into a feud ahead of the show. It’s thought that WWE found out about Lynch’s pregnancy following WrestleMania and her intended feud with Nia Jax was then scrapped. The Observer noted that Lynch was originally set to defend the Women’s Championship against Jax at Money in the Bank.

Jax was the woman who turned Lynch into The Man and the two women have yet to cross paths since their backstage altercation last year. This was the payoff fans were looking for but now they will have to wait another year or so to see the conclusion.

4. Seth Rollins Will Continue To Wrestle Despite Pregnancy News

Becky Lynch was forced to walk away from WWE this past week after it was revealed that she was expecting her first child with fiance Seth Rollins. The couple made the news public and Rollins was even brought into the frame backstage which proved that the company wanted it to be out there that he was the father.

This has lead to news that Rollins could decide to take some time away from the company as well, but according to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, the former World Champion won’t be able to do this.

“There was some speculation and a report out saying Seth Rollins is under no obligation to wrestle. That’s just not true. Seth will still be wrestling, meanwhile, Becky Lynch is obviously going to go home. Seth will take time when his contract allows it and WWE management is supportive of that. He is under the obligation to wrestle because he does have a contract that needs to be respected. I know that some people are opting out to wrestle at the moment but it’s for a very different reason and Seth isn’t that guy. He’s going to choose to continue wrestling because he is Seth Rollins and that’s what Seth Rollins does.”

5. Real Reason The Undertaker Continues To Return

The Undertaker has been rumored to retire for the past six years, but he continues to return and find new feuds with up and coming stars, many have attributed this to the fact that Taker knows nothing but wrestling but there could be another reason behind it. The Wrestling Observer recently noted that The Deadman is having some financial issues and this could be the main reason why he continues to work for WWE despite his body telling him to slow down.

“A key reason for all this, not talked about, is financial issues. Even though he’s made more money (due to guys making more money than ever these days) than all but a few in history, he has had financial issues with divorces and bad investments.”

6. Reason Why Bobby Roode and The Singh Brothers Have Been Missing From TV

While it’s been well documented that Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn have been missing WWE TV for a number of weeks, there are a few other stars who have been granted a leave of absence too. Bobby Roode and The Singh Brothers haven’t been seen since March and it is being reported by The Westling Observer that this is because they live in Canada and due to the lockdown they are unable to fly back to the United States.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.