WWE Rumor Roundup: Fans Returning, Vince McMahon Tore Up Original IC Title Plans, Carmella in Retribution?

WWE Set to Create a Fan Atmosphere in the Amway Center

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WWE will be moving all of their shows to the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida moving forward and they will all be presented live. As well as this, the company has found a way to create a fan atmosphere in the arena, since WrestleVotes reports that the company will use 2500 square feet of LED boarding to create an interactive experience with live fans.

There are also reports that fans will be allowed in attendance and that the company will open applications to appear on-screen starting next week. It’s unknown what the criteria will consist of.

Velveteen Dream’s Accuser Claims That He Was Not Contacted During The Investigation

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Velveteen Dream returned to WWE TV this week as part of NXT after a number of weeks on the sidelines since he was one of the names who were mentioned in the #SpeakingOut movement.

The former North American Champion is just one of many WWE stars who were taken off-screen following the social media trend, but while Dream is thought to have been investigated and has been able to return after being found innocent, his accuser recently revealed on Twitter that he wasn’t actually contacted by WWE throughout the investigation and he believes that WWE is sweeping this under the rug.

Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles Took a Few Re-Writes

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Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles opened a feud surrounding the Intercontinental Championship last night on SmackDown, a feud that also allowed former IMPACT Wrestling star Abyss to make his WWE on-screen debut.

While the feud looked to move forward seamlessly, The Wrestling Observer reports that this wasn’t the case ahead of the show.

The report states that the feud took a number of re-writes since the previous plans for the two stars were torn up by Vince McMahon multiple times before the feud finally went head as part of this week’s show.

WWE Allowed To Use The Amway Center Until October 30th

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WWE makes the move to the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida this week after months of being stuck inside the Performance Center. The move to the arena will allow the company to run live shows once again but the deal doesn’t include any fans in attendance.

According to Jon Alba on Twitter, the deal between WWE and the arena will now allow the company to run shows through until October 30th, which should be long enough for the United States to return to a level of normal so that WWE can once again travel.

Reason Why Shayna Baszler Was Moved to Raw Underground

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Shayna Baszler hasn’t had it easy since she was promoted to the main roster since there are so many challengers for the RAW Women’s Championship at present and Baszler has had a run of bad luck.

This past week on Raw, the former MMA star was introduced to Raw Underground, where she was able to show off some of her skills. According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, this was because Shane McMahon is a huge fan of Baszler and it gives the star a way to stay on WWE TV while there are no storylines.

“Yes, there were a lot of changes to the RAW Women’s title picture and the idea of Shayna Baszler being there is in and out. She has been very in and out of plans. But what I will say is that Shane McMahon is actually a very big fan of Baszler. So he saw a chance to use her, and I thought in that particular environment, he used her very well.”

Could Carmella Be a Member of Retribution?

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In recent weeks, Retribution has been invading Friday Night SmackDown and attacking members of the commentary team, audience and officials. While the group has been appearing on the show, many fans have picked up on some clues that the stars have been dropping.

Last week on SmackDown one of the female stars of the group was seen doing a moonwalk, which has led to fans believing that Carmella could be one of the members of the debuting team.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.