WWE Rumor Roundup: Identity of Retribution Members, Return of Live Shows, Tyson Kidd’s Return

1. WWE Live Shows Set to Return Ahead of SummerSlam

WWE has been forced to pre-record their weekly shows for a number of months now due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The company has struggled to contain the virus within the Performance Center as well, but it appears that ahead of SummerSlam, WWE wants to return to some level of normalcy.

According to a report by WrestleVotes, WWE is set to return to live shows on the SmackDown episode ahead of SummerSlam although the location is currently unknown and there is no update on whether or not the company will allow audience members to be present. That being said, NXT Takeover: XXX will still take place in Orlando.

2. Austin Theory May Not Return to WWE

Image via WWE

Austin Theory hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since June when he was named in the #SpeakingOut movement and it was reported earlier this week by The Wrestling Observer that the star had been quietly suspended by the company.

According to a report by Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, WWE has failed to announce Theory’s suspension on WWE TV because the company is unsure Theory will have a future when his suspension comes to an end.

“This is a situation that is very much personal to Austin Theory. There is a lot of moving parts to it. So I have to be careful with what I say. He has been gone a while with no mention because to put it simply; the WWE still aren’t sure whether he will have a job by the end of it. However, it could be that he simply comes back, gets back on TV even as early as two weeks from now and it all be forgotten about. There are many possible outcomes; at the moment, he is suspended.”

3. Tyson Kidd is Back in The Ring

Tyson Kidd hasn’t wrestled for WWE since 2015 when he suffered a career-ending injury in a match against Samoa Joe. The former NXT Champion delivered a Muscle Buster to Kidd which caused a neck injury that went on to end his career.

Kidd has since moved on to a career as a producer backstage in WWE, but this week Natalya posted a video of her husband back in the ring running the ropes. This has since led to rumors that Kidd could be looking to make his return just in time to take on Samoa Joe when he’s cleared to return to action.

4. Identity of Retribution Members Revealed?

Retribution finally made their debut on SmackDown last night in a Nexus style invasion, which showed that there is about to be a shakeup on WWE TV. Unlike Nexus, the identity of the group members wasn’t revealed but Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda reported that the group could contain Vanessa Borne, Chelsea Green, and Dominik Dijakovic.

These are the main stars waiting to be called up and it was made apparent last night that there was at least one female member of the group.

“The WWE do know. There is an actual plan for these particular individuals. The idea of a new faction was something that was written at the last minute. From what I can tell, this was essentially the NXT call-ups who were coming up soon, who were sitting by the sidelines waiting for the opportunity, for example, Dominik Dijakovic and Chelsea Green are people that have been mentioned, maybe Vanessa Borne as well.”

“There is a plan, and they did have the people they wanted in those outfits, but it sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes, does it? When you consider that’s really all we got.”

5. Vince McMahon Praises Peyton Royce and Bianca Belair

The Women’s Division has been dominated by Bayley and Sasha Banks over the past few months, but according to a report by The Wrestling Observer, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has praised current stars Peyton Royce and Bianca Belair and reportedly sees them as future singles stars.

This is a huge boost for the Women’s Division and Bianca Belair in particular since she hasn’t been used well on WWE TV since her debut on Raw back in April.

Royce is currently one half of The IIconics and this report could be a hint that the duo could be going their separate ways in the coming months.

6. 2020 WWE Draft Set to Take Place in October

WWE has been forced to change plans for the upcoming WWE Draft a number of times this year. According to The Wrestling Observer, the original plan was for the draft to take place in August, but the addition of Payback on August 30th has meant that the company has decided to move it to October.

There are a number of NXT stars expected to be a called up in the WWE Draft but as of yet, the company hasn’t announced an official date for this year’s superstar shakeup.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.