WWE Rumor Roundup: Live Audience Return Date, 30+ Positive COVID-19 Cases, Velveteen Dream

Vince McMahon Wants Audience to Return

WWE has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past week, but despite a number of WWE stars contracting the virus, McMahon hasn’t slowed down his plans to return to normal.

The Wrestling Observer recently noted that the WWE Chairman wants to run live shoots in front of a paying audience as early as late July or August. Friends and family were invited to the set last week and this led to the first person in the WWE Performance Center contracting the virus.

Matt Riddle to Challenge AJ Styles

Sami Zayn was stripped of the Intercontinental Championship when he refused to return to the company while the COVID-19 virus is still an issue. AJ Styles went on to win the tournament to crown a new Champion and The Wrestling Observer is now reporting that Matt Riddle will be AJ’s next challenger.

Styles was pinned by Riddle on his first night on SmackDown last week and could be an interesting program while WWE awaits Zayn’s return.

Velveteen Dream on WWE’s Release List?

The current #SpeakingOut Movement has caused shockwaves throughout the wrestling world and has seen WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling forced to act. WWE has already released Jack Gallagher, El Ligero, and Travis Banks, and according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Velveteen Dream could be next on the list.

Dream’s name was brought up by one of the victims, but the former NXT North American Champion was in a car accident yesterday and was only recently released from the hospital, so WWE could be delaying his release for the time being.

Paul Heyman’s Ideas for Liv Morgan

According to a report by Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda, Vince McMahon rejected all of the ideas that Paul Heyman pitched for Liv Morgan’s return on Monday Night Raw. That was until he pitched the Lana wedding angle. That was obviously approved.

Morgan returned as Lana’s scorned ex-lesbian lover but has since had that entire angle scrapped and now seems to be reuniting with her former Riott Squad teammate Ruby Riott. Sarah Logan was released from WWE back in April and has since revealed that she is taking a hiatus from wrestling.

More Than 30 WWE Stars Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

WWE has finally been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic this past week with the likes of Renee Young, Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble, and Kayla Braxton revealing that they had all tested positive. According to a report by Tom Colohue from Sportskeeda, around 30 superstars across the board have tested positive for the virus.

WWE was reportedly forced to re-write much of yesterday’s SmackDown episode since many stars have tested positive for the virus and been forced to self-isolate.

WWE Stars No Longer Allowed to Reveal Test Results

After many WWE stars revealed over the past few days that they have tested positive for COVID-19, an anonymous email was sent to WrestlingInc last night which was believed to be from a WWE star.

The email went on to talk about the frustrations of WWE’s handling of the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as revealing that WWE stars are no longer allowed to announce their test results. The email noted that WWE’s medical staff would be on hand to help with their test result.

An interesting part of the email was that the talent was given a questionnaire where they were asked to fill out whether or not they had done anything that put them at risk. The unnamed talent noted that many WWE stars had attended theme parks and gatherings but probably wouldn’t admit it.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.