WWE Rumor Roundup: #SpeakingOut Allegations, Christian’s Medical Status, Kevin Owens’ Return

1. Kevin Owens Set To Return Next Week

Kevin Owens made headlines earlier this week when it was revealed that he had made the decision to skip the most recent batch of tapings following the positive COVID-19 result.

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Owens has a wife and two children and obviously made the decision to protect his family. Despite this, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the former Universal Champion is set to return as part of the tapings on June 29th. Owens is currently part of the Monday Night Raw brand and has recently entered a storyline alongside Apollo Crews.

2. Christian Hasn’t Been Medically Cleared

Given the fact that Edge and Daniel Bryan have both been cleared following career-ending injuries in recent years, it’s easy to see why many fans believed that Christian was the next man on that list.

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Last week on Raw, the former World Champion teased that he could be returning for “one more match” against Randy Orton before taking a low blow and a punt kick in the week’s main event. It’s unknown how this story will play out now since various reports suggest that Captain Charisma hasn’t been medically cleared to make his in-ring return.

3. Female Star Who Tested Positive Has Never Appeared On NXT

WWE was rocked this week when it was revealed that a superstar had tested positive for COVID-19. The star in question was in the audience on Monday Night and the result went on to force the company to postpone their tapings for this past week.

Image via WWE

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer revealed more details regarding the star who tested positive, including the fact that she has never appeared on WWE TV.

“The performer who tested positive was a female wrestler in NXT who has not been used on television. She has been one of the fans in the crowd, and was last used in that role on 6/9. No positive test results have been reported so hopefully nobody else was infected by her.”

4. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to Be Drafted to Monday Night Raw

AJ Styles was recently moved over to SmackDown and it was noted that Monday night Raw would gain some stars in return. Mustafa Ali was reportedly drafted over to the Red brand earlier this week and reports now suggest that Dolph Ziggler and his partner Robert Roode could be heading in the same direction.

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Ziggler was recently in a feud with Otis on SmackDown but didn’t appear as part of last night’s show which could be a hint that the story has moved forward without him.

5. Forgotten Sons Taken off WWE TV After Jaxson Ryker’s Twitter Comments

Jaxson Ryker made a number of enemies when he publicly backed Donald Trump on Social Media, something that led to a number of WWE stars and even his tag team partners distancing themselves from the comments.

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While reports suggested that Ryker wouldn’t be released for the comments, it appears that the company has punished the star and his team since The Wrestling Observer reports that the trio has been taken off TV and replaced in their feud by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

“Nakamura & Cesaro are replacing The Forgotten Sons in a planned program with The New Day. It’s unfortunate because the comments by Jaxson Ryker, which both Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake immediately and publicly distanced themselves from, has led to all three of them being taken off television. And Cutler & Blake were the team in the ring as Ryker was used more in an outside interference role. There are those who felt the gimmick itself wasn’t the right thing in these turbulent times.”

6. WWE Set to Take Actions Following Recent #SpeakingOut Twitter Trend

Many victims of sexual abuse took to Twitter this week to share their stories and to finally name some of the biggest stars in the sport as predators. There were a number of WWE, NXT, AEW, and Impact Wrestling stars named among the stars responsible.

Image via WWE

Jack Gallagher was the first release that was made by WWE last night ahead of SmackDown, while AEW has sent Jimmy Havoc to rehab, before noting that his contract will be negotiated upon his return.

While there have been no actions against Matt Riddle, this could be a sign of things to come since WWE released a statement yesterday making it clear that they have a zero-tolerance policy regarding such matters.

As ever, wrestling fans are reminded that the above are just rumors and should not be taken at face value as facts.