WWE Rumors Roundup Aug 5, 2018: Dean Ambrose Return, NWO, Daniel Bryan Contract & More

dean ambrose
Image via WWE.com

This was an exciting week in the world of wrestling. The elusive Brock Lesnar returned and Summerslam is being built up with gusto. The rumor mill was abuzz with plenty of developments and possible happening for the foreseeable future. Here is everything you need to know.

NOTE: These are just rumors and none of this is confirmed news.

A New Paul Heyman Guy to Be Introduced


It is no secret that Brock Lesnar is all but certain to part ways with the WWE for another stint in the UFC. Many assumed that it would also mean the end of Heyman’s tenure in the WWE. Apparently, that is not the case and that is the primary reason Brock Lesnar mistreated Heyman on this Monday’s RAW. The exact person who will take the spot as the next Paul Heyman guy is still to be decided. The current direction seems to be for Heyman to cause Lesnar to lose the match prompting Lesnar to leave and Heyman to go in search of someone else to take under his wings.

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Dean Ambrose Returns as Seth Rollins’ Tag Partner Starting a Long Storyline

Image via WWE.com

Though this might happen at Summerslam, the more common story doing the rounds is that Dean Ambrose will return the night after Summerslam to aid Rollins and team up with him to take on Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. This would continue for the next few PPVs leading to Ambrose eventually turning heel and then feuding with Rollins.

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Nakamura Being Wooed by NJPW

Image via WWE.com

It would be a major understatement to say that Nakamura’s run has been lackluster despite being the current US champion. Rumors have begun circulating that NPJW wants him back and are trying everything they can to get him back.