WWE Rumor Roundup Sep 23, 2018: Shawn Michaels Return, WWE Network Pricing, AJ Lee & More

Image via wrestlingnews.co

*Note: These are just rumors. Some of these might get confirmed at some point of time and some others might just stay as rumors.*

Shawn Michaels set to return on Raw before Super Show-Down

Michaels will be present on the go home RAW just before Super Showdown and this is where many are expecting Michaels to lay the seeds of his return to in-ring action at the Show-down and a full match possibly taking place within a month of the Super Showdown.

It is believed that HBK was reluctant to return initially but the allure of wrestling one more match with some of the biggest names in all of wrestling was too much.

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McMahon highly impressed with Lio Rush

Lio Rush’s program with Bobby Lashley wasn’t something the WWE had planned. Instead, it was Rush himself who approached Vince McMahon with the idea and McMahon gave the go ahead on a trial basis.

It is now reported that McMahon is highly impressed by Rush and we will be seeing a lot more of him on RAW. WWE were at a loss trying to figure out how to move forward with Lashley and Rush’s initiative has solved that problem, atleast for the time being.

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WWE to introduce a tiered pricing system for the WWE Network

The single price for a Network subscription is all set to change and WWE is planning to offer different levels of subscriptions. This is to allow those viewers who only want to watch the more Indy oriented shows like NXT and NXT UK to pay less.

While details on this are sketchy, WWE is expected to roll out this pricing system around Christmas time. Another objective of this pricing is to attract more subscribers.