150 People in WWE Have Reportedly Tested Positive for COVID-19

It was revealed yesterday that WWE’s venues are being treated as COVID-19 hotspots this means that three of WWE’s venues will be visited by an Orange County Board of Health ‘strike team.’

During the latest episode of The Wrestling Observer, Bryan Alvarez revealed WWE’s reaction to the news as well as picking apart the statement that the company sent out.

Alvarez noted that WWE claimed that they had administered 10,000 COVID-19 tests since the pandemic began and had just a 1.5% rate of positive infections.

While this is much lower than the national average of 5%, it also means that WWE has admitted to at least 150 positive cases since March.

It was revealed that 38 employees were infected as part of the first outbreak at the Performance Center, but there was no number given for the second outbreak.

Alvarez noted that the positive cases in the second outbreak were reported to be in “double figures.”