A Number of WWE Factions Reportedly Heading to Monday Night Raw

WWE’s Social Media team seemingly “jumped the gun” last night when they announced that there would be a new faction debuting on Monday Night Raw. While there was a five-person stable seen outside causing some chaos in the vicinity of the Performance Center none of the stars were actually revealed.

According to The Wrestling Observer, this could just be the beginning, there are reported plans to bring a number of factions to WWE’s main roster since the company’s plans for a new direction include a “return of the 90s mentality of factions.”

It’s also worth noting that WrestlingInc is reporting that WWE filed trademarks for both “The Hurt Business” and “Justus” which could be a hint for one of the names of the factions that could be making their way to the main roster in the near future.

With the recent debut of Raw Underground, WWE has found a new way to bring a fresh amount of talent into the public eye as well as a way for new feuds to be created, so it will be interesting to see how these factions are able to make their debut on the main roster.

Monday Night Raw doesn’t currently have any factions of note, since Zelina Vega’s trio has now become a duo as Andrade and Angel Garza step into the Raw Tag Team Championship picture, while Seth Rollins once had a stable with the likes of Austin Theory and AOP part of The Monday Night Messiah’s team before personal issues beyond WWE’s control have made it so that Rollins and Murphy are now a duo.

Stables have had differing successes on the main roster in the past with Sanity and The Nexus not reaching the levels of success expected of them, but the likes of The Shield, The Wyatt Family, and Evolution were able to become some of the most successful groups in WWE history.