AEW Blames WWE for the COVID-19 Outbreak in Their Roster

The entire world is reeling from the COVID-19 outbreak and the wrestling world hasn’t stayed far behind. WWE had several outbreaks in their Performance Center on separate occasions, while AEW had an outbreak quite recently.

Several top stars from both the companies have been affected. The No.1 contender in AEW, Lance Archer had to stay away from AEW Dynamite as he was diagnosed with the disease quite recently, and Dave Meltzer discussed the same on Wrestling Observer Radio this week.

Meltzer noted that the internal feeling in AEW is that the superstars who have contracted the virus did so after socializing with WWE wrestlers.

WWE had an outbreak prior to the on in AEW, which led to the belief that AEW talents got it from their counterparts.

“The feeling is still that the bubble environment is the only way to do this safely. AEW has had one outbreak which they blame on wrestlers socializing and things like that with WWE talent because it started there, however it happened. Lance Archer obviously didn’t get it from WWE talent, so it’s more than that. There are a lot of ways to get it. It’ just going to be a really tense time with everything.”

Despite the outbreak, both the companies haven’t stopped production of their shows, and are even inviting more fans to the arenas.