AEW May Stop Pushing Unpopular Stars To Give Fans What They Want

Will AEW routinely steer its product according to fans reaction in the future?


AEW is just two PPV old and already riding high on the success of Double Or Nothing and Fyter Fest.

The upstart promotion is likely to offer a different product going forward and cement themselves as a pro wrestling alternative to WWE. And that, in turn, could be great news for fans because there’s finally a big promotion who actually cares about their opinion.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that instead of fighting its fans, unlike WWE, AEW will actually respond to fans’ opinions and steer their product accordingly. This will prevent the promotion from pushing a wrestler to the main event scene who isn’t genuinely liked by the audience.

“I can’t say for sure because I can’t predict the future, but I do believe, I honest to go believe this that if you keep watching AEW and you watch the weekly TV if there is stuff on there that their fans don’t like whether it’s the older fans, the AEW hardcores, the casual fans — they’re not gonna keep doing it. I firmly believe that.”

Negative reaction from fans will not only help the company drop unpopular stars, but it will also allow for a more ‘clean’ product with the hated segments/parts going straight down the drains.

“I do not believe this is a company like WWE that is going to fight with their fans like they know what you don’t like and they don’t care. They’re gonna make you like it. They’re gonna do the old, ‘These fans don’t know what they like.’ If you make it very clear that you don’t like something they’re not gonna do it.”

Alvarez also mentioned that the Librarians act didn’t get a decent response at Fyter Fest and chances are that AEW won’t continue with that gimmick if the response continues to be the same in the future.

“Again, I can’t say for sure, but I believe that this Librarian stuff continues to get a backlash like it did during the preshow on Saturday you’re not gonna see the Librarians anymore. I don’t think that if the Librarians get a backlash then the Librarians are going to start main eventing shows because it’s good head — that’s not going to happen here.”

Only time will reveal whether AEW will actually take the audience feedback and deliver accordingly. Tony Khan is a clever businessman and he won’t want to disappoint fans and turn AEW into another WWE by not giving them what they want.