AEW-NJPW Relationship Has Reportedly Changed Over The Past Few Months

Image via Twitter

All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s relationship has been under scrutiny for the last few days, ever since NJPW referenced Chris Jericho and his AEW World Title reign for the first time ever.

It was previously reported that AEW-NJPW’s relationship hasn’t seen any advancements, and this was merely a tactic to promote the match between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Chris Jericho. However, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, there have been certainly some new developments in the partnership.

According to Meltzer, NJPW’s relationship with Anthem has soured recently, which has led them to a partnership with AEW instead. He noted that a few months ago NJPW officials didn’t even allow the mention of AEW in the company, but that has obviously changed with the stipulation around the Tanahashi-Jericho match.

“There is absolutely a change. Just the fact that New Japan acknowledged on their website that Chris Jericho is the AEW Champion and if Tanahashi wins he gets a championship match. As we all know when I was in Dallas [for NJPW] any mention of Kenny Omega and AEW were forbidden.”

NJPW’s planned expansion into the USA didn’t go down as planned, and now with no proper TV deal in place, the company is struggling to break into the western market. A partnership with AEW could thus, make things smoother for them and help both the companies equally.

“As far as I know there’s no long-term deal or anything like that, but the door is open. Of course, New Japan now wants to run the United States, but they lost their television in the United States.”

Reiterating on the previous report, Meltzer noted that there is no concrete deal in place, but things are much different from what they were months ago. AEW-NJPW working together will be a dream, but it’s still a pipedream for the professional wrestling community.