AEW Originally Wanted to Host Dynamite on Tuesdays

AEW’s weekly broadcast of Wednesday Night Dynamite has been quite successful in its year-long stay on TNT, taking on WWE NXT in head-to-head competition every week and coming out on top on multiple occasions.

However, according to the recent update on Wrestling Observer Live, the company never planned on having a weekly Wednesday Night War with NXT, as they had hoped to bring Tuesday Night Dynamite (TNT) on TNT.

Their broadcasters didn’t like the idea and ended up putting them on Wednesdays, which completely ruined the marketing plan of TNT on TNT for the Jacksonville-based promotion.

“You know why it’s just called “Dynamite? They wanted Tuesday Night Dynamite. Tuesday Night Dynamite — TNT on TNT. So everyone who says ‘Oh, NXT had Wednesday and they went ahead’ — no. They wanted Tuesday Night Dynamite. TNT decided ‘oh you’re going to be on Wednesday,” so it became Wednesday Night Dynamite which is not as cool as Tuesday Night Dynamite because now it’s WNT.”

AEW ended up hosting AEW Dark in the Tuesday timeslot, with the weekly hour-long episode on YouTube. Tuesdays are also occupied by Impact Wrestling on AXS TV.

A few months ago, Dynamite and NXT aired on different nights for several weeks, which boosted the ratings for both the shows. This led to a rumor that the companies are looking to move away from the competition, but nothing has materialized yet.