AEW Planning to Roll Out Another TV Show in 2020

All Elite Wrestling has taken giant strides ever since the company came into inception in early 2019, as they secured a prime-time deal with TNT and have quickly risen as an alternative to WWE programming.

Their broadcasters have been fairly happy with the numbers the company has produced in the past year, and it seems like they’ll get a reward in the form of a new TV show soon.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the deal between AEW and TNT was extended until 2023, with the addition of a new TV show. Cody Rhodes stated in June that an announcement should be coming soon, but it has been nearly three months with no further intimation from the company.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that the company hasn’t given up on those plans, and a new TV show produced by All Elite Wrestling will make it to national television before the end of 2020.

AEW has consistently managed to edge out WWE NXT in ratings since the inception of Wednesday Night Wars in October last year. The company has a one-hour show, AEW Dark, which airs on Youtube every week, but it’s mostly filled with squash matches.

It is unclear whether the new show will be similar to Dark or Dynamite, as AEW will find it quite challenging to churn out stories for two different shows on a weekly basis.