AEW Reportedly Attempted to Match WWE’s Offer for Rey Mysterio

AEW made strong play for Rey Mysterio, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Mysterio, who hasn’t been seen on WWE television since losing his match against Seth Rollins, during Extreme Rules, has been very much present due to his son Dominik making the feud against Rollins a “family affair.”

Mysterio, who had previously been working in WWE without a contract, has reportedly finally signed a new deal with WWE.

According to WON, Mysterio’s deal with WWE came after he gave some serious consideration to a deal with AEW.

“AEW’s offer equaled WWE’s per-match offer,” said Dave Meltzer. “But WWE’s deal was higher since it included more dates.”

“We cannot confirm the time frame but it is said to be considerably longer than the previous deal but also not as lengthy as the five-year deals that WWE has previously tried to get everyone on,” he added.

According to Meltzer, another big reason for Mysterio to go with WWE instead of AEW is because of Dominik. Dominik is said to be “part of the deal” and it’s long been speculated that Mysterio wants his son to have access to the training and opportunities being in the WWE roster would have.

Since Mysterio returned to WWE in 2018, Dominik has played big parts in two of his father’s storyline feud. The first was against Brock Lesnar where the younger Mysterio shared the ring with his father and Lesnar, impressing even if he hadn’t officially been considered an in-ring competitor.

In this current feud with Rollins and his disciple Murphy, Dominik has been launching some successful backstage attacks on the duo which has led to a match between himself and Rollins at SummerSlam. This match will be Dominik’s official in-ring debut in WWE.