AEW Reportedly Nixes Plans to Move Their Shows to Miami

AEW has reconsidered plans to move their weekly Dynamite and Dark programs from Jacksonville to Miami.

Earlier this month, reports circulated that AEW planned to film a few weeks of Dynamite and Dark as well as a pay-per-view in Miami next month.

For most of 2020, AEW has been holding their shows at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. It was initially believed that the change in venue would be temporary, with AEW intending to move back to Daily’s Place.

The short venue change was to improve talent morale and allow the production to move to a city with a warmer climate.

Now, Cassidy Haynes of is reporting that the Miami move has been nixed and the AEW shows will be taking place at Daily’s Place “indefinitely”.

AEW employees reportedly received an official e-mail on Friday morning which states that they would be in Jacksonville for the “indefinite future”.

Daily’s Place in Jacksonville is a venue that is owned by AEW investors, the Khan family. They have been allowing a limited amount of fans in attendance.

While sticking to Daily’s Place has allowed AEW to take better COVID-19 precautions, the fact that it is open-air and exposes the talent and audience to the elements has presented some difficulty.