AEW Reportedly Not Going By The Traditional Babyface & Heel Gimmicks

The upstart promotion is heavily focused on giving fans what they want

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AEW is ready to take on WWE NXT in the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars and fans can’t wait for the upstart promotion to make their TNT debut in October.

As previously reported, AEW plans to do things differently from WWE, their primary focus being solely on wrestling instead of ‘sports entertainment’. And this unique factor in their programming might as well extend to how the talents are booked on the show.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that AEW could potentially ditch the babyface-heel rule that fans have been accustomed to for the past two decades.

“The thing is that they’re not doing heel/babyface. It’s just like they just do everyone’s a heel and everyone’s a babyface.”

In fact, AEW will let the wrestlers play both babyface and heel characters depending on the situation or storyline or the respective booking. This sounds like a practical idea where the lines between babyface and heel will blur and talents will be able to switch/adjust their roles, quite similar to how things work in real-life.

“When it comes to most of the guys Cody can be a heel or a babyface at any time. The Young Bucks can be heels or babyfaces. The general rule is they’re not like just because someone is gonna be heelish in a promo that’s just what they want. I don’t think Kenny Omega being a heel is a good idea, but as far as the match goes, but Moxley and Omega would probably get the fans cheering for both guys anyway. So, you know they just wanted to build heat.”

With the Wednesday Night Wars fast approaching, AEW must bring everything to the table to ensure a steady start. Again, the nascent promotion must not let the pressure of competition consume themselves which will inevitably dilute their product, shall they wish to overtake the mighty WWE in the rating game.