AEW To Start Airing Live Shows, Moving Double Or Nothing Venue To Florida

AEW could begin airing live shows again, albeit still in a mostly empty venue. Due to precautionary measures required by the COVID-19 pandemic, AEW has been pre-taping matches and segments for Dynamite. However, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems likely that they will return to live broadcasting.

The plan is said for AEW to go back to weekly live shows by around May 6. The shows will be held at the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

However, Meltzer said, the plans for live programming could change depending on what happens with the pandemic in the following weeks. AEW already has enough taped content for shows till at least next month.

Beginning May 6, AEW will begin to start building feuds and storylines that should cumulate in matches at their next pay-per-view Double or Nothing, set to show on May 23. Meltzer has also mentioned that the venue for Double or Nothing is likely to be changed to Florida.

DON was supposed to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, as Las Vegas is still on lockdown, it doesn’t look likely that the PPV will be able to take place in its original venue.

It’s likely that Double or Nothing will also take place at Daily’s Place.

Florida’s governor has recently announced that sports leagues with national audiences are essential businesses and will be allowed to operate during the pandemic. Professional wrestling is included under this classification, which is why both WWE and AEW favor taping their shows in the state.