Aja Kong Injury Update, Why Awesome Kong Works a Light Schedule In AEW

AEW Dynamite beat WWE NXT this week by just 6,000 viewers as the Wednesday Night Wars continue to intensify between the rival brands.

Aja Kong has been pushed as a brute force in AEW but hasn’t appeared on Dynamite yet. It turns out that Kong has been dealing with an injury.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson reported that Kong had to undergo surgery for “blowing out her knee” and is rehabbing at the moment.

“She’s injured, she had to have knee surgery. She hurt her knee and she had surgery after the show in July and she’s not back in the ring yet. She’s still associated with them, she’s hurt. She’s home in Japan.”

Meanwhile, fans have been wondering why Awesome Kong hasn’t been wrestling much in AEW. The ex-WWE Superstar has only worked 3 matches so far which is quite unusual for those who want to see her wrestle weekly.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Kong doesn’t have much left in her at this stage of her career which is why AEW is using her sparingly.

“See, the deal with Kong is that you know, Kong’s beat up and there’s not a lot she can really do in the ring. So you do stuff like this because Kong’s kinda famous and you can do things where she’s kinda hidden and stuff. She doesn’t do long matches like everybody else.”

AEW still wants to book Aja Kong vs. Awesome Kong despite both women being pretty beat up. Unlike WWE, wins and losses actually matter in AEW which makes it interesting to speculate which Kong will emerge victorious in the massive clash.

Awesome Kong may not be wrestling regularly but she’s putting together matches for the Women’s Division backstage. Perhaps, she will switch to a full-time producer’s role after her retirement from the ring.