Aleister Black Could Be Heading Out of WWE

Aleister Black’s WWE career is in turmoil in recent times, as the former NXT Champion has been absent from WWE programming. Black’s real-life partner, Zelina Vega was fired from WWE quite unceremoniously.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the top brass doesn’t see Black as a future potential and have completely given up on him.

Black was missing from the Survivor Series PPV and wasn’t even in the pre-show Battle Royal which featured almost every star from RAW and Smackdown.

“I would say as far as Black goes, he’s forgotten about right now and it doesn’t look good. I know he threw a suggestion out there to go to NXT and that was turned down, or whatever, it was not taken. He’s, you know the people in charge now don’t see anything in him it appears. It’s tough, he’s a talented guy.”

Black had asked to be moved to NXT recently, but it was turned down. It seems like his WWE career is reaching an untimely end.

Black was moved to the main roster in 2019 and teamed up with Ricochet for a while before going solo. His singles run has failed to live up to the hype, majorly due to inconsistent booking on WWE’s part.